Larissa is an artist based in Amsterdam.


Born in Riga, USSR, young Larissa’s love for drawing was crystal clear, having spent much of her childhood sketching away since her parents gifted her with paint and drawing paper.

Her first-ever drawing was of a horse in her grandparents’ village that she drew at the age of four. By the time she was five, Larissa held her first exhibition.


During her teenage years, a professional artist would become so enamoured after discovering her work at an art fair that she went out of her way to convince Larissa’s mother that her daughter was born for a life of art. 


In 1991, armed with decades of design experience under her belt, Larissa relocated to Holland where a new world opened up for her.


After successfully selling out her exhibition series ''From Russia with Love'' in New Zealand, Larissa expands her concept to follow up with ''From the World with Love'' – a new series featuring portraits of ordinary people from around the world.

As always, the artist seeks to incorporate one’s soul and emotions

into each portrait through their eyes.